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We use our expert knowledge and personal experience to help you and your partner get and stay connected.

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You don’t just want to survive parenting, you want to thrive. Through research-informed, actionable and practical resources, we will help you Communicate, Resolve Resentment, and Reignite the Spark in your relationship.

– Stephen Mitchell, PhD & Erin Mitchell, MACP –

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We know you want to feel more connected to yourself and your partner along your parenting 

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Unlimited access to our library of workshops (plus access to future workshops), weekly worksheet, and members only podcast.



Our library of workshops has the answers you need to the most important relationship questions you and your parenting partner want answered.

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Want guidance to help you and your partner communicate, resolve resentment, reignite the spark and get back on track? Schedule a free consult and let’s make a plan.

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Want practical tips on how to talk about mental load, establishing healthy boundaries with in-laws, and what to do when you argue in front of your kids? Get unlimited access to our complete library.

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Get weekly reflection questions and conversation starters sent straight to your inbox. It's a quick, guided, consistent way to connect with your partner every week on topics like: resentment, parenting differences, default parenting and many more.

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Stephen and Erin talk to real couples about real parenting "issues" that impact their life and couple relationship. Topics like: ADHD, finding shared values and meaning, having kids in a pandemic, sleep and exhaustion and more.

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We know you are going to love the resources and tools we offer! Our belief is so strong,
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You May Feel Lonely, But You Do Not
Have To Figure This Out Alone

We have the expertise, professional experience, and our own 

personal journey as a married couple with 3 kids to provide you the

answers you can trust to the topics you care about.

Couples Are Finding
Connection Through CCFP

"It's has given me the space to reflect on the parenting I experienced as a child, so that, I can be the parent I want to be rather than repeating old unhealthy patterns from my childhood experience".
Gwen G.
Grand Rapids, MI
"We couldn't have know how important it was going to be to spend time on us. CCFP got us reflecting and communicating and understanding one another in ways we never have and more quickly than I could have imagined."
Lizzie M.
"We were looking for help balancing all the complications of life and parenthood...Our belief was that our life and our challenges were unique and there was some doubt that CCFP could help...those doubts have completely dissipated and we're so grateful..."
Daniel J.
Melbourne, Australia

Common Questions

What's your approach?

We have developed the simple approach of Reflection, Connection, and Action. Every workshop, every worksheet, and every podcast will help couples: 

  • REFLECT on how their story and their partner’s story have influenced the current pattern they are wanting to address
  • CONNECT by acknowledging one another’s experience, describing their own experience, and imagining the changes they want to see as a couple
  • ACTION refers to helping each couple develop a plan of practical steps that they can take to achieve the changes they want. It’s good to reflect and connect but things also need to be different

How much is the membership?

The CCFP Membership is $24/month ($288 for the year) with an initial commitment of three months billed at $72 and then $24/month moving forward.

Think about it this way…For the cost of one coaching session or therapy session you get a years worth of expert relationship education! Just think about how much your relationship will grow and change after one year (or two or three..) of membership with Couples Counseling For Parents.

What kind of help can I expect?

Stephen and Erin are partners that have three kids and have lived and are living many of the same experiences as you and your partner. They also have over 15 years of experience coaching and educating individuals and couples in the area of relationships and parenting. 

Stephen has a PhD in Medical Family Therapy from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and Erin has a Masters of Counseling Psychology from the Seattle School. 

They combine their personal experience with their rich professional and educational expertise to give you actionable strategies that you can apply instantly to your couple relationship.

What if my Partner isn't interested? Can it help if it's just me?

Absolutely, the membership can help you. You don’t have to wait for your partner to seek growth, change, and health in your own life. In fact, many times when one partner begins to get healthy it can encourage the other partners to do the same!

Also, our community is a great resource for other couples and partners to know they are not alone and to feel like they have a place to belong and feel supported. Any individual wanting to grow as a person and as a partner can benefit from our membership.

What do we get with the membership?

  • Unlimited access to the Couples Counseling For Parents library of workshops. There are 12 plus workshops and new workshops regularly added. 
  • Weekly Worksheet with reflection questions about hot topics in parenting partner relationships emailed to you. Good partner communication is rooted in knowing yourself and knowing what you want to communicate. These worksheets will help you and your partner connect with yourselves so that you can connect with one another. 
  • Members only podcast. This is a show where Erin and Stephen interview other couples to help us all feel less alone in our parenting journey.

What Does working with you look like?

The structure for our coaching sessions has two parts: First, couples join our membership. We have them do this for several reasons: 1) We have weekly content aimed at helping couples reflect, connect, and take practical action towards change 2) We have a library of workshops that we refer couples to in order for them to hone in on particular areas of relationship development and 3) It is a way for couples to be intentional between sessions.

Second, one-on-one sessions focus on helping couples identify and work towards reaching goals, and are meant to help couples practice the changes they want to see in their day-to-day relationship. Generally 8-10 sessions is the expected timeframe and this can always be adjusted per your specific needs.

Get 3 months of membership for $72