Hi we are Erin and Stephen Mitchell.

We are a married couple with three kids and founders of Couples Counseling for Parents. Also, we both have advanced degrees in psychology. Stephen is a psychotherapist and has a PhD in Medical Family Therapy and Erin has a Masters in Counseling Psychology.

Just like every couple we want to feel in love and feel deeply connected to one another. As parents we want to give our kids the world, be phenomenal parents, and feel close to our kids.

Sometimes in the chaos of parenting it doesn’t feel like you can be close as a couple. Your are too tired, too busy, too overwhelmed, too everything…

We have taken all our experience (personal and professional) and education about relational wellness and developed practical tools for couples to connect and stay connected as they parent.

Our Why

Parenting Changes Everything

Parenting is a beautiful and shocking transition. Couples find themselves adjusting to all kinds of unexpected changes whether it's their first, second, third...kid

It's The Small Stuff

Parenting partners are stressed and overwhelmed, understandably. The stress they feel builds over time and couples begin to feel like the "littlest" things can get their relationship moving in the wrong direction. These little things soon become big things...

Connection is Possible

We want to help couples connect in these "little" moments of stress and disconnection so that they don't become "big" problems. And if they feel like they are already "big" we can help with that too.

How We Can Help

Members Only Podcast

Erin and Stephen answer questions from their IG community about couple relationships and how to maintain a sense of connection amidst parenting.

Weekly Worksheet

Healthy communication starts with being able to reflect on your experience and share it with your partner. Get weekly reflection questions emailed to you about common parenting partner pain points. Get in touch with yourself so that you know what you want to communicate to your partner. 

CCFP Membership

Unlimited access to our library of 12 + workshops, weekly worksheet, and members only podcast.