Step 1: What's This Workshop About?
Step 2: In-Law Workshop Series Video
Step 3: Interactive Worksheet

Couple Worksheet

Compare notes, without judgement, from the individual worksheet.  What similarities do you see?  What differences?

Consider the similarities.  If you had to say what you both hoped for or wanted in your in-law relationships and in how you communicated about your in-laws what words would you use?  Pick three words for each relationship, your relationship with your parents/in-laws and with your partner (Ex: peaceful, direct, clear etc).  

Now if you had to say what you both wanted in one sentence, integrating the words you both picked, what would you say you both want in regards to in-laws and your communication as a couple (both of you write a sentence for how you would say what you both want; you should have two sentences total)?

The words and sentences you developed can serve as a “potential” roadmap of where you hope to go in the midst of this course.  Granted your goals may change as the course moves along and that is fine.  Just readjust.  Above all, try to keep the focus on your similarities and where you want to go together as couple.  Let this guide your reflections as you move forward through the workshop series.